GENRE: comedy, talk show, entertainment news, satire
    FORMAT: scripted television series
    LOG LINE: Join Richland Community College's Adjunct Professor of Cinematic Studies Rick Coates and co-host Dave Preston as they take you on a weekly journey into the world of cinematic arts like you've never experienced before.

    GENRE: classic sci-fi, psychological thriller, love story
    INFLUENCES: 2001, Alien, Let the Right One In
    SCRIPT: in development
    FORMAT: feature-length film
    Guardian of Eden

    GENRE: love story, sci-fi noir, action-adventure
    SCRIPT: near completion
    FORMAT: feature-length film
    LOG LINE: A heartbroken cyborg known as Dayton is unwillingly thrust into a high stakes cat and mouse game of danger and deception when his long lost love enters back into his life after she is accused of murdering one of the men who created them.
    Hollowed Angels
  • 2020

    GENRE: meta sci-fi, dark comedy, satire
    SCRIPT: near completion
    FORMAT: feature-length film
    LOG LINE: In a volatile not-too-distant future, a young blind man named Boris is given the ability to see through an insidious new technological innovation, but soon wonders if he has sold his soul in the process.

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